Welcome to the Open Source for i Web site

There are a few existing Open Source sites for the i already. What is different about OpenSource4i.com? Our business is built around the open source model of software development and distribution, so this site will reflect both our experience and knowledge of working with open source applications for the iSeries. It will be regularly updated with new links, new applications and whatever new resources we uncover so that you can have a single place to locate open source solutions to your existing project needs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a favorite list of resources you'd like to share or, if you would just like more information. Contact Pete Helgren ('pete' at domain valadd.com). I also highly recommend that you search or subscribe to the lists at midrange.com, an excellent source of information and knowledge on all things iSeries.


Are you new to the IBM i? Young at heart? New to the platform and needing some extra resources to get started? Perhaps you are a student or have recently graduated with a Computer Science background and wisely chosen the i as your platform of choice! For all of these reasons, and more, you should check out the Young i Professionals web site . You need to be neither young nor professional! One stop shopping for the new i convert!

Welcome to the wonderful world of open source!