RPG Open Source Applications

Fewer of these than we would like. Plenty of code samples, tools and utilities but very few complete applications.

Scott Klement's award winning site. This site is a great resource for iSeries programmers needing utilities, coding examples and documentation. Particularly good are the HTTPAPI and FTPAPI utilities and Scott's excellent documentation on accessing the IFS from RPG programs.

Aaron Bartell's website. Aaron has put together an RPG wrapper for the JavaMail API as well as an XML parser.

Easy400 (CGI/Web Development) This is an IBM web site that focuses on RPG/CGI programs that support HTML/Web development.

iSeries Toolkit. A collection of useful tools and utilities.

NetShare 400. Code samples and programs

Think 400. A collection of useful code examples and utilities.

Bob Cozzi's RPGIV.com site has free RPG Examples and API protypes.