Java Open Source Applications for the iSeries

The Java applications and links listed here are just the ones that we have had experience running on the iSeries In many cases, if you find an Open Source application written in Java, it will run on the iSeries. Our experience has been very positive both in running Java applications (on our tiny Model 800) and other "Virtual Machine" based apps (like AIX applications running in PASE).

"Just TRY it" is our recommendation. Most Open Source projects have folks that are very helpful in getting applications to run on ANY platform, including our wonderful iSeries.

Try the following for "general" open source projects (use the site's search capabilities).

Source Forge Largest open source site on the planet.

Fresh Meat These are mostly Unix and cross platform apps (don't forget that the iSeries can run AIX applications in PASE quite nicely...)

IBM DeveloperWorks Great site for general iSeries development resources.

IBM Alphaworks Leading edge projects from IBM. Some Open Source.

tn5250j A java based 5250 emulator.

Tomcat A java based servlet container.

FreemarkerA java based template engine. Can be used for a host of applications.

Jasper Reports Report generation engine written in Java

iReport Report design tool that creates Jasper report objects, written in Java